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Thread: NC Fanuc alarm Path2: [SV0401] (AY) improper V-ready OFF

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    Default NC Fanuc alarm Path2: [SV0401] (AY) improper V-ready OFF

    Fanuc Alarm:
    NC alarm Path2: [SV0401] (AY) improper V-ready OFF

    Fanuc CNC conrol Alarm Description:
    Although the ready signal (PRDY) of the position control was on, the ready signal (VRDY) of the velocity control was OFF

    The Fanuc Drive had an alarm of F. The alarm occured on power up in the morning and occured immediately when the main breaker was turned on. For this alarm the F is what gave it away though you would never know what was really happening by the alarm description above. What we found was a bad fan on the drive. Not the internal one but one that is on the aluminum cooling fins in the back chamber on this particular machine. Cleaned the Fan and worked ok. The oil and grease basically hardened enough after time and overnight to disable the Fan from starting on machine power up.

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    Default Re: NC Fanuc alarm Path2: [SV0401] (AY) improper V-ready OFF

    thanks for sharing such a mail with all.

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    Default Re: NC Fanuc alarm Path2: [SV0401] (AY) improper V-ready OFF

    Question, when you say the Fanuc drive had an alarm do you mean the servo amplifier???

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