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Thread: Need parts machined

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    Default Need parts machined

    The project I am currently working on is a protective slider for an engine cover on a 2006-19 Yamaha R6 motorcycle, and I am looking for a manufacturer that can complete the work. The first order will most likely be 50 units CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, with subsequent orders if the product does well. Tolerances don't need to be particularly strict, +/-0.5 mm should be fine. I realize that there are several sharp interior corners on this model (See attached) that will need to be radiused, so if need be just let me know the minimum radius you need and I will update the model. For the finish I would like to have 25 units in anodized black, and 25 units in anodized gold, keep in mind that it needs to be resistant to fading because some of the customers motorcycles are kept outside 24/7. If you need a different CAD file format, just let me know and i'll make it happen. If you are interested, would like more info, or have any input for me just let me know!
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    Default Re: Need parts machined


    We specialized in CNC machining, as well as prototyping and injection molding. Capable to produce the part and ship to you with
    competitive price. Can you send the .stp format file to me at

    Feel free to check our website: to know more about our services.

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