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Thread: Modifications/Changes/updates in Que and completed recently

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    Default Modifications/Changes/updates in Que and completed recently

    There is so much going on in the background that people usually do not realize and it all takes a lot of time. All people within the forums are volunteers and we do what we can around our own jobs so time lines will not be given for anything being worked on. I myself take care of all the coding, layout, and functionality which is no easy task. So in no particular order here are some of the things that we will be working on.

    • Need a way to email someone to post there resolution to the question they assked to help others. Just added a reminder when creating a post for now.
    • Would like to have an easy way to view threads in which you have replied to so you can go back without being subscribed to thread.
    • Advanced forum rules & acceptance
    • Add acceptance Rules for uploading/downloading files
    • Possibly eliminate calender? Does anyone really look at this on any websites??
    • ?? Is there really a need for a shout Box?? Almost like an instant messenger for people currently in the forums to talk live. Would anyone use this?
    • Page load slow on slow connections
    • Document-Description and Common problems when using forums and how to get around them.
    • Change Signature limitations-1 link allowed
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