Hello Harvey.
I have a HL-1 lathe model 1996; I got it 3 mo. ago and worked fine until suddenly I could not make it zero the turret.

The x and z axis work fine under manual jog.

When I request "home", x and z do so, the turret pushes out as if it was going to turn but then It stops / faults. If I see the alarm list I see first #102 (servos off) and then alarm 113 (Turret unlock fault).

The IOPCB has a blinking red light under #P30 (TOOL SHUTTLE MOTOR OUTPUT (810A)
I serviced the solenoid controlled air valve and it works fine both electrically and manually operated.
The air cylinder works ok pushing the turret forward.
The limit switches were checked for continuity and are ok.

I welcome any ideas your have to resolve this.
Thanks in advance for your reply.