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Thread: Ballbar results fanuc servo motors

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    Default Ballbar results fanuc servo motors

    Hello to all,

    Well I have done the ballbar test in one of our machines and we have this problem:

    ""Axis reversal spikes. When an axis is being driven in one direction and then has to reverse and move in the opposite direction, instead of reversing smoothly it may pause momentarily at the turnaround point. This appears as short spikes that appear on either axis reversal point. This could mean servo response time is poor and excessive friction in axis.""

    The problem is that I need to know what parameters I should change. CNC model is FANUC 15, and the machine is an Mitsui Seiki horizontal machinning center.

    Does anybody know any procedure to solve this problem? Or the CNC parameters that I should change to avoid these reversal spikes? How can I increase the servo response time?

    Thanks in advance for helping.
    Best regards.

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    If you could attach the report or image that would give me a better idea of what you are seeing within the plot. Either print the ballbar report to PDF or take a screen shot of the plot with your computer and post the image.

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