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Thread: Buy one car get a second free?

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    Default Buy one car get a second free?

    I heard something from some one that some automaker has a crazy offer that if you buy one car you get a second one free? He couldn't remember the name. Anyone here anything else about this? Do you know what automaker this was?

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    From what I understand it's not the automakers themselves, it's the dealerships. Several dealers across the US and in the UK have been doing it, but I've heard it's kind of a ploy.

    For instance say a dealer has one car which sells for $40,000 and another that sells for $20,000. If each car normally comes with a $12,000 rebate, the dealer gets $28,000 on the more expensive model and $8,000 on the cheaper one. If the dealer packages the deal as a buy one get one free deal, the customer pays full price for the $40,000 model, nothing for the $20,000 model, and ultimately the dealer saves money. But, instead of saving $24,000 (two $12,000 rebates), you’ve only saved $20,000 (the cheaper car for free).

    You're still saving money on paper, but financing is going to cost more for a $40,000 buy one get one free, compared to financing just the one for the $28,000 it would cost after rebates. And if you default they're going to take both cars. You'd probably be safer, and saving more money by taking the rebates and incentives for just one of the two.

    I haven't heard of anyone doing it with their lower priced vehicles. They want to move the big money vehicles and tack a low mid class on as the "feebie".
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    Ahhhh... I new there had to be a trick. I actually just seen an add on TV for a local car dealership Russ Darrow making this claim. I was wondering how they could ever make this kind of deal. I wondered if the automakers had anything to do with it.

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    and now they are doing it with houses also if you buy a couple million dollar house they are going to throw in a Bentley no charge saw this on the news this weekend

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