this is my first post on this forum , so I apologise if I made a mistake / chose the wrong part of the forum to post. for a while I have spent my time with 3d printing as a hobby , and recently for some needs I thought it would be nice to have a small DIY cnc router (like 50cm*70cm work space) to "engrave" some wood. But I dont have any experience with cnc routers , so I didnt know what spindle to choose , what mechanics to go for , what steppers to choose , etc . most of the parts have a lot in common with 3d printers so I hope I could do those parts myself but I really dont know anything about the spindle.
At first I started looking into drill-like tools , but I was told that they are not designed to work for long periods as a cnc router would demand , so Id be better off with a spindle that was made to work for longer periods. I intend to engrave/cut wood 4cm deep (not 4cm deep engravement in one go , like maybe engraving 1 cm and then the Z axis would go 1 cm deeper for a second run and so on until the holes are 4 cm deep) and only natural wood (not MDF or processed wood).
I was told Id need 18000-36000 RPM , but I was unsure about that and I was also wondering what wattage should the spindle have and if there is anything Id need to consider when buying one .
any help is more than appreciated.
thanks in advance