Hello i have a 2002 cnc lathe. It is a shenyeng. CAK6161D with a FANUC OT-D . i was trying to figure out how to clmp/unclmp the chuck thru mcodes.
I mad a quick video of all my nc parameters...i also downloaded them to my pc. .started changing parameters (to the paperwork that came with the machine) and it went to chineese writing.....couldnt navigate thru the screens due to the chineese symbols and words. So i reloaded the nc parameters back to what i backed up and also videoed.. Now machined isnt going past the initial boot screen...just sits there and says. "Not ready alarm"
I understand most of the cnc stuff . just not this part or the ladder. Is there anyone that could guide me thru the diagnosis of this ...been messing with it for a week....the machine worked before i messed with it. THANKS A BUNCH. Ive called everyone possible. Right down to symtcl in China
Who built the machine. I got a bad feeling about this. Lol