1. Set jaws and grip the component in the chuck.
  2. Select the datum tool (usually a rough turning tool).
  3. Use the jog control and hand wheel to either
  4. face the component to length, or touch the tool on the face of shaft finished to length (known as a qualified bar), or touch the tool on the face of a tool setting probe on the machine (Figure 9.3).
  5. With the tool touching the finished face, zero the display.
  6. Move the tool away from the work to the zero datum position. Note the distance travelled - this will be the G50 Z value.

Carry out a similar procedure for the X value by cutting or touching the bar in the X plane. Measure the diameter and add this value to the distance travelled, back to the zero datum position. This will be the G50 X value.
Optical pre-setting of tools is available on some machines. In this case the tool is traversed to the measuring position under the microscope and the setting values are automatically read into the MCU.