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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Moti Mizrachi and I'm from Israel.I'm thinking of making a change in my profession and I was thinking about learning the whole CNC topic
    Is this area in demand in the world? (US, Canada, Singapore)
    Are studies of this field the same in the whole world, and it is possible to work in this field after studying in my country of origin, or does every country have another principle in the field of CNC?
    Do you have to study the field in a place where you want to work or a certificate and training and experience from anywhere else in the world is enough?

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    cnc programming is basically the same everywhere in the world, that is the purpose we have ISO for regulation, once you have the basic knowledge you can easily understand any software for cnc programming that you are opportune to work with.

    For example, i learn cnc programming with the normal G & M codes with ISO programming, but when i got a job as a cnc programmer i discovered that the software installed for the SCM router is Xilog Plus, I tried to work with ISO Program but it wasn't working for me, it didn't take me more than 2 days to understand everything about Xilog Plus because i have the basic knowledge of the machine language. Go ahead and learn cnc programming anywhere in the world and use it to work anywhere in the world.

    You can reach me on

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