Hello, everybody.

I'm a hobbyist with a particular taste for DIY projects, customisation and general tinkering. About a year ago I bought a 3D printer and have loved it ever since - I can produce little items that I can't buy anywhere, it's cheap and pretty much imagination is the limit. I have had my taste of 3D printing and as awesome as it is it has its own limitations, mainly in the materials the process uses. I want to upgrade to a CNC router and to be able to machine items out of materials like wood and aluminium and maybe steel, but I realise that this is a whole new level.

I'm searching for a unit that will be able to machine items that I design in three dimensions. I'm willing to buy a kit but I would prefer to assemble one myself (I'm assuming it won't be too challenging for me as I have built couple of 3D printers from scratch). I did a bit of a research and found out what 3-axis routers are capable of (pretty much 2D items and quite simple 3D ones) and I don't think this will be enough for my needs. I also looked into 4-axes and 5-axes routers and I believe that this will cover what I want to do. I, however, have doubts that 4-axes will be sufficient and that 5-axes will be too elaborate of a project. I realise that a small amount of after processing will be required but this won't be a problem.

I'd appreciate if someone more knowledgeable was to clarify things a bit for me.