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    Does anybody know the right way to replace a telescoping ballscrew cover on a fadal??? (Y-axis)
    I can tell a few ways that don't work...

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    First this is quite a PAIN. You will need to disassemble the end of the ball screw you are putting the cover on. Look at the steel bands that are holding the cover together, and make sure that the band clamps (shipping bands)are in a postion to crab it with a vise grip later when you need to cut them off. Slide the complete cover unit (should be 3 pieces)on, making sure you have it on in the correct orientation, and now reassemble what you took apart to get it on. Next mount the canister (coffee can), slide the rest of the cover into the "can" including the flange. Get another person now to give a hand. Have someone hold a 2 X 4 against the flange so you can cut and remove the steel shipping bands. Remember you need to grab it with a vise grip on the band clamp and remove. Once this is done slowly guide the cover using the 2 X 4 toward the other end and then let the cover go. It this point it should now be up against the othe end and you can now attach the flange portion of the cover.

    As I said it is a pain! You haven't live until you had to put one of theses on a ball screw 4" in dia. and 10 feet long!

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