I have a OS Chines machine flat bed 4ft by 8ft 3 axis 7 inch zed. Im using Mach 3 with the Mach 3 motion cards. This is where my problems began. I switched over from the original parallel port to this USB card. This card had very poor instructions for connecting it to the control panel . I have been able to get the X,Y, and Z axis running, however not so much with the spindle or the homing features. Yesterday I ran the gantry just about off the bed it did a lot of damage. I need help getting this card connected correctly. I had one so called CNC expert work on it. He connected the 220 wires for the spindle to the homing switch. I caught this mistake just before he was going to turn it on. needless to say he went down the road. I need help with this, please. diagrams or photos would be so great. the guy that was supposed to know what he was doing took all the wires out so Im lost as to what goes where. I tried getting a wire diagram from the company I bought it from. what they sent was a gernaric diagram you could get off the web, that doesn't tell me anything.