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Thread: Mastercam Files and/or CNC Programs

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    Default Mastercam Files and/or CNC Programs

    I'm teaching a Mastercam and CNC programming class at our local high school(grades 11 and 12 ages 16-19), and the projects we have available to choose from are relatively simple. (1,2,3 Blocks, V-Blocks, Parallels, etc)

    I was wondering if anyone may have some more complex part prints (I can open most major formats-dxf, dwg, igs, stl, etc...) that aren't top secret that you wouldn't mind sharing with high school kids. We've already drawn most of the things in our filing cabinet, and the kids are starting to complain that the things they do have to draw are to easy.

    They will be required to long hand code the part if possible, then they can draw it on Mastercam and layout tool paths there.

    My other option is well documented cnc programs that we can set up on our Haas(3 axis only). If anyone has anything you wouldn't mind us using that you can send we'd greatly appreciate it.
    Cody Stamper

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    ran into this site on the web - Your Online Mastercam Resource
    i havent been thru the site but you may find something their

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