Hello.. I need help on how to troubleshoot the bending machine brand HACO, type PPM30100, BOUWJR 1986, Spanning 220 Volts, Capacity 100T. The machine was suddenly stopped. We checked the main supply line and its okay, the input voltage going to the main board is also okay and was given 240 volts, Yet all LED was not lighting. Checking also the relays and fuses, all is ok. The control panel is Ok yet the digital showing how many Tons setting of the machine was not showing. Hoping to have somebody could help. Is this unit really have a problem in electronics system? How about the mechanical System, does this affect the LED dos not lighting? Do we have also to check the mechanical system? or just focus on electronics system? Our main problem was , we do not have a a diagram of this machine. Could anyone help? Please?

Thank you.