Metal injection moulding is a net shape process for producing solid metal parts that combines the design freedom of plastic injection molding with material properties near that of wrought metal. The MIM process includes mixing, injecting, debinding, sintering and post treatment. This technology is suitable for manufacturing mass production, complex small stainless steel powder metallurgy parts.

MIM shows it's advantages when comparing PM;

PM with traditional unidirectional high pressure rough metal powder pressed into a fixed position to produce moderately complex equipment. In particular, there is no further improvement in its density in the sintering process. Density values produced in this way between 80-90%, which limits its alloyed physical properties. MIM due to the elasticity, making the manufacture of complex products is not restricted. Fine metal powder combined with a high temperature sintering MIM production of the final product can achieve high density. This allows MIM products and precision materials have similar characteristics.

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