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Thread: Nc macro program vs cam program

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    Default Nc macro program vs cam program

    What is the advantage of using CAM program and disadvantage of NC MACRO program ?

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    Default Re: Nc macro program vs cam program

    There are several pros and cons for each, and each has it's limits.
    CAM packages typically generate generic code that's user friendly to most.
    MACRO instructions are extremely powerful but, are not so easy for an operator to follow yet comprehend on a basic G-Code level.

    I use simplified "macro" programming, or as I call it "parametric" programs as much as I can. There's not a CAM package made that can do what I can with some very simple Macros.

    In my opinion, it weighs on who's doing the programming and who's doing the actual using with a little bias towards the complexity of the program you need to create and frequency.

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