I have an old mill with a Fagor 8050 controller.
Recently something has changed with the data transfer from computer to 8050.
When I transfer in a program (Using Cimco Editor 4.21) over RS232, the controller strips the X attribute.

If I send in a program with the proper first line syntax (%,MX,) followed by a line feed, the machine accepts the program but assigns it -M- attributes.
If I transfer that program back to the computer, it now has ,M-, in the top line and that is all that has changed when I do a file compare.
If I change the program attribute in the 8050 controller back to a -MX and then send it back to the computer, the file shows up with ,MX, in the first line.
Now if I send that same file back to the controller, the X is stripped again.
I even tried sending a program with ,OMX, but -M- is all that remains after transferring into the 8050.

I can change the attribute after I send the program, but it is much more of a hassle to do that each time.

I am hoping someone will be able to assist me with this.