Well, the machines that we are running are pretty old & I’m trying to troubleshoot a problem but nothing I have done so far has worked out. I wanted to see if anyone here might be familiar with the Shoda CNC machines. We have a Shoda NC-163 (4-Axis), w/ Fanuc Series 15-M controller, & a 16 tool ATC. It’s dropping tools once in a while when it goes to do a change. The weird thing is, it will lock in at the spindle, then the carousel drops down & at that point the tool releases from the head. It does spin around to the next tool in the program & puts it in the head, but it is on the drop off that the tools are being dropped either onto the floor or machine table. Is this anything that anyone might be familiar with? Even an idea of where to start? I think that it might be an issue with a short somewhere but am not real sure. Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can provide!