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    Hi Everybody

    I moved into a new job and the first problem I encountered was a server going down putting one of our Punch machines offline. Now the machine is back and running since the server was fixed, but that cost us 3 days of production. From Business Continuity aspect I need to have a method to link the machine with a lap top or Memory drives and manually transfer programs on the machine in order to keep it going. Can anybody advise if it can be done and how?2

    Machine: Turret Punch Press Amadan-04P-C

    Any help much appreciated, it seems that the network setup was done by a sub contractor that is not available anymore.

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you have a 25 pin RS232 Port? If so you probably need to transfer via RS232 back and forth programs. Here is all the RS232 hardware and software you may need. They also provide tech support for the products.

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