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Thread: Through spindle coolant tool holders

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    Default Through spindle coolant tool holders

    Has anybody had any experience with these tool holders that have "through spindle coolant" feature? It is a tool holder that has a collar around it and when it tool changes the line off of the side of it plugs into a line that is ran down the side of the machine if I am correct. That is my understanding of it anyway.

    The reason I am looking at going this route is that my machine may not be compatible with the typical through spindle coolant.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks, Jon

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    Hello, May i help you ? I`m a chinese machnie center repair engineer .
    "It is a tool holder that has a collar around it and when it tool changes the line off of the side of it plugs into a line that is ran down the side of the machine if I am correct. "what`s the mean? Could you tell me clearly .
    what about you spindle tapper type ? BT or HSK ?

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    I forget tell you my E-mail :

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    True through the spindle coolant is usually an optional feature on most machining centers. It utilizes a seperate coolant system that pumps through the spindle of the machine at high pressure. The coolant systems with the collar work pretty good. We've only used these on spade drills. You just have to program a stop before and after the tool so that you can plug in the coolant line.

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    I've worked on various machining centers featuring thru tool coolant. A flexible coolant line is attached to the back of the spindle which passes it through the spindle into the tool holder and eventually through the tools. These are usually high pressure systems to clear chips away for higher feedrate cutting.

    If your machine doesn't have the pass through on the spindle this may not be possible for you.

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    Although the original post is a few years old, I thought I'd chime in as well. I have used the system that he is describing on a Makino A71 horizontal that we were using right angle heads on. The tool body is ported and engages a collar that is also ported. The collar allows thru coolant in tools that typically you wouldn't be able to get a standard high pressure system to go through (ie angle heads since the coolant would wash out the bearing grease) as well as a work around on machines that weren't equipped with thru coolant.

    When I left the company that used the system on Makino's to go back into service, we started offering this system as an alternative to some of the higher priced coolant systems the OEM's wanted to sell for use on their machines.

    The units worked extremely well, and as far as I know have continued to work extremely well.
    Cody Stamper

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