I am reaching out for help in setting up my NBM CNC to create and machine cabinet parts in an efficient way. I design and manufacture kitchen cabinets.

I have a new SCM Pratix 12b NBM CNC.
It runs with Xilog Maestro, provided by SCM.
The files within Xilog Maestro are in .pgm format.
The program generates machine code in .iso format.

Maestro is only good for individual components, not complete cabinets with all machined parts coordinated.

So I turned to Mozaik software for a total solution for screen to machine kitchen cabinets.

Mozaik tried unsuccessfully to set up the post processor to output g-code in .iso format for my CNC; they say the language is unfamiliar to them.
So they tried .xxl format, which my techi can convert to .iso, but this route came up with lots of errors.

1. Can anyone help with this please?
2. Is this going to be straightforward, or does anyone have a better solution to my needs, ideally one that is already set up to be compatible with my machine.

Thanks for your help,