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Thread: 802c problems with the LCD screen and software updating

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    Exclamation 802c problems with the LCD screen and software updating

    Unfortunately I got 2 802c systems with urgent problems that must be fixed asap:
    1. The 1st one has a very bad LCD screen contrast, its very hard to see any black text on a dark background or white text on a bright background, i have to look from the top of the screen to be able to barely read anything.
    What i have done:
    -I tried to increase/decrease the LCD brightness via the softkey buttons but it didnt change anything. I guess they only affect the brightness level on normal working ones. This one its about the contrast level.
    -I looked up for DISPLAY DATA to adjust the contrast level and found one namely "200 MM_LCD_CONTRAST" but i couldnt find it on my display data list (it begins from 202, 203, etc)
    -I dismantled the box looking for any strange things like dirt, marks, etc but nothing. Cleaned the PCB, the LCD screen flat cable/stray, put them back on. Still got the problem.
    -I replaced the LCD screen with 2 other fine-working ones - DOUBLE-[COLOR=#1B8EDE !important]CHECKED[/COLOR] with a fine-working 802c- but still got the problem (that means the problem is not on the LCD screen but rather on the 802c PCB).
    -Can it be a problem within the cable stray? is there any manual for that interface? (which pin for contrast level?)

    2. The 2nd one doesnt power on normally and always hangs after a RAM check.
    - I tried to re-setup it by updating the software version (following the steps in the Start-Up 08/2003 Edition and also the one in here:
    -When i powered it up with S3 = 2 it didnt show any message i.e "WAIT FOR SYSTEMSOFTWARE" instead it kept refreshing the screen with different chessboard-patterns, then showed a white loading bar.
    -When i started to send the system data file via WinPCIn following the instructions then the bar started to run slowly (white->black like loading) but then before the file could be sent completely the bar stopped and showed "UPDATE ERROR".
    -I checked my system data file and RS232 cable (by updating another one with the same file+cable and it worked normally). I also checked the RS232 port on 802c and it looked fine (nothing strange).
    -Also dismantled this one to check for any strange thing on the PCB but nothing. No burn marks, or watever.

    => Can anyone here help me with my problems?
    I would be very grateful if any of you can give me some infos on my issues.
    These 2 802c systems suddenly went out of work about a month ago and i tried my best to solve the problems but in no vain.

    P.S: sorry if u have to read too long and for my bad english.

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    Default Re: 802c problems with the LCD screen and software updating

    Hi DigiCNC
    The Siemens LCD screen will probably require a new backlight, whenever we get these fixed, we send the screens off to a third party electronic repairer to sort out for us.
    They always manage to fix it ok.
    The other problem you have, sounds like faulty RAM or maybe just corrupt system data. Again, a local industrial electronic repairer may be able to assist with RAM fault finding, or replacement.

    Best of luck Dave

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