I just bought a CNC with a MELDAS M0 controler in an auction. At the moment of the deal the machine was working. Later I brought the machine to my workshop to manage to fit into the entrance we unplug some wires. It was stored for a month. Later we tried to used it but the screen does not turn on and the buttons from the panel doesn't work too. We check all the wires, all the connections. In the pendant control the only led that turns on is the stop led when I press the button.

In the MELDAS M0 PCB's:

In GX21 the Ready led(green) turns on.
In GX06 The watchdog runover (WDAL) turns on.
In GX4 LED1(Memoy battery error) and LED2 (Memory card error: Lights with wrong memory writing), both turn on.
In GX25 The ready LED turns on.

The servo drives are the Mitsubishi TRA41.

I want to fix the machine or use the drivers with a computer and mach3. Thanks.