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Thread: YASNAC PLC Edit

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    Exclamation YASNAC PLC Edit

    Hello together,
    did anybody know if it is generally possible to simple edit the PLC ( Hitachi VM40II '85 Yasnak control propably LX3 )
    I have to move a logical output to another Output pin because one bank is shot, but there are spare outputs
    Repair of the I/O Board is about $1000

    e.g. #11050 to #11070
    With simple edit I mean not to burn a EPROM
    Any suggestion would be welcome

    Have a nice week

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    Default Re: YASNAC PLC Edit

    Not sure if this ladder is part of the Hitachi side of things or is it really part of the Yasnac control side. Hitachi made alot of design changes seems like based on what control boards were available when they built the machines.

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