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Thread: Sinumeric 810D error

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    Default Sinumeric 810D error

    Hello all,

    We are a company from Greece and we own a Deckel Maho DMC 63V cnc machine that gives us a specific type of problem from time to time.
    We have consulted all kinds of help, including the official support, with no luck.
    The problem is described as this:
    From time to time(mostly happens during colder/higher humidity periods like winter, but this may be coincidental), the Z axis drops a few mm's(about 15mm each time) and the machine goes into emergency stop, where the automated brakes keep the spindle from dropping further. This happened mostly when we are setting up the machine for a new part, e.g. open/close the door, just when it tries to enable the axis's, or when we try to move the spindle/tool with open door, with the manual setting.
    An alarm log of a z axis drop is attached, along with a picture of the alarms that come up.

    Machine data:

    Machine: DMC 63 V
    Control System: Sinumerik 810D powerline
    Type Number: 2885

    I know that the alarms within the range 600 000 – 699 999 like the alarm I'm getting: PLC_MSG 600608 SPD-LK, controller inhibit
    are Axis/spindle alarms(The PLC alarms of range 500000 – 899999 are configured and described by
    the machine manufacturer), but I can't seem to find an appropriate diagnostics guide from the machine manufacturer.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you all for your time,

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