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Thread: Can you help with a CNC machine issue?

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    Default Can you help with a CNC machine issue?

    I am currently working on a part program to be run on a CNC lathe with a FANUC Oi TD controller. I have not run it on the machine yet because on the simulator when it is finished the G71 rough cut it drags back at an angle and takes some material off the part. The start position for the G71 cycle is clear of the material. I used the same lines for the G70 finish cycle and it does not drag back at an obscure angle after finishing. Is it a simulator problem? If so, I'll run it on the machine. If not, how do I fix it?

    thank you

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    Default Re: Can you help with a CNC machine issue?

    In your first line for G71 there should be a R value, for clearance while the tool retracts.


    G71 U2.5 R1.0
    G71 P10 Q20 U1.0 W0.025 F0.25


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