Dear Sir's

It is the first time I use your Forums, and I hope that you can help me.

I have CNC car glass cutting machine and Shaping & Nesting 4.0 Program that uses a digitizer to take a DXF file from the glass.

Now I take a lot of BMP Glass images with digital camera, and I need to import them to My Shaping & Nesting 4.0 Program (there is an option to import DXF files in the program).

I have many software that convert from Raster to dxf files.

I already successes to convert BMP files to DXF files.
I open these DXF files with AutoCAD and with many DXF viewers successfully.
But when I import them from Shaping & Nesting 4.0 Program Most of
Them (DXF files ) cause the program to freezes, and only two files opened partially (just one or two of the lines appears).

This link
includes a compressed file contains :
1. TES2.BMP which is the original image file
2. OT.DXF which is the converted DXF file
3. T.DXF DXF file from the digitizer produced from the program S&N

What is the difference between OT.DXF and T.DXF file

Please advice me what to do to import these files into Shaping & Nesting 4.0
Program successfully.

Waiting for your quick response I remain

Eng. Amgad Steen