Hi all,

this is my first time using this forum, was wondering if any one could lend me a hand?

Basically I'm an apprentice engineer and as part of one of my qualifications needed to complete my apprenticeship i have been asked to come up with the bets possible way of manufacturing this timing gear or vernier pulley from solid material not a forging or casting. I am not from a machining background i am a technical apprentice not a practical one, I am not expecting the full procedure just a point in the right direction. I was told to look for things such as will it be milled, turned or mill-turned and i have no idea what the benefits of using both or just the one type of machining, i was also asked to consider the possibilities of dual spindles, i understand the concept but have never seen it in action and don't really know what the benefits would be if you get what I am saying. I am just looking for general points such as the machining sequence, types of fixtures used to gold the workpiece, tooling, and an overview of machinery.

If anyone could offer any help I'd be extremely grateful and if you have any other things i may consider i would love to hear them.