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Thread: Back up help.

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    Default Back up help.

    Hi all!

    I have been in machine maintenance at Caterpillar for 6 years and recently got a new gig at a Ma and Pa machine shop.
    I have come to face a problem I have never had to deal with. I have never had to back up machine parameters to a computer or vice versa. We had an "IT" guy and that is all he did was back ups and battery replacement. I seriously haven't got a clue on what I need as far as hardware, software or cabling. 95% of my machines are Fanuc controlled starting at a 10T and going to the mist current "i" controls.

    Any help would be awesome on what I need to buy as far as a laptop and program software.



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    Default Re: Back up help.

    This RS232 cable setup will work for most CNC machines. It has a DB25 male connector for machine end and DB9 Female for computer end.
    Here is the link to the CNC RS232 cable for Fanucs Mitsubishi Yasnac. Also works on many more machines as well. Has the jumpers installed 4-5 and 6-8-20 on the DB25 side. If you need a serial port adapter I would buy the Ultimate CNC RS232 kit which also includes the LED tester. The CNC Specialty Store also comes with support as well if you buy the cable setup to help you setup your first machine. On the CD in the ultimate kit there is a 60 day trial for DNC4U which is $139 which is easy to use and works well with the hardware. Or you can download it from the store as well. A Laptop with a true serial port built in is always better if you have the option to use an older laptop for backup.

    Hope this helps

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