Hello ,
my question is about the machine with Sinumerik 840D , NCU 572.2 , MMC 103
We had to download backup NC and PLC data to make the machine workable.
(problem with 24V supply unit ; in NCU 572.2 general reset was also made)
But , some problem appeared with one axis which does not have a real motor
and its 2 encoders ( passive , active {scale} ) connected . There is a driver
for this axis configured in machine data , but we do not have neither the motor nor active encoder..there are just free cables going from the driver , but not connected on the second side.
At the moment , we have a couple of errors regarding to unplugged motor and
encoders ( encoder faults , temperature fault [ sensor installed into the motor] ,axis fault )
Errors are only in mentioned axis without of the motor and active encoder .
25201 axis A1 drive fault
300613 axis A1 drive 6 maximum permissible temperature
25001 axis A1 hardware fault of passive encoder
25000 axis A1 hardware fault of active encoder
300504 axis A1 drive 6 fault of motor transducer
300614 axis A1 drive 6 time monitoring for motor temperature
We do not need this axis for working programs and we want to disable this axis.
Could you give any advice how to do it ?
Thanks , take care . Vlado