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Thread: Makino S33L - Professional 3 Control Alarm

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    Default Makino S33L - Professional 3 Control Alarm

    2002 Makino S33L.

    Anyone know how to get the alarm on the top of the control to clear? There is no alarm on the LCD, but I still can't home the machine, turn the spindle on, but I can jog all the axis.

    I home it by Jogging it manually to a safe position, Turning the selector to Reference, Select the Auto Zero button, and the Start button near the Auto Zero button.

    I tried to turn the Spindle on by pressing the Spindle Start button. I also tried using MDI by use of the S1000; and G00;S1000; and then the main Start button by the Feed Button.


    I got it figured out!

    Select the custom button from the key pad and toggle left or right arrow and select alarm from the soft key. A graphic of the machine was displayed. On the upper right hand side it shows how many alarms and a description of the alarm. Mine was LS170 oil reservoir sensor was loose. Good to go now.
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