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Thread: sqaure bracket parameter no for fanuc om

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    Question sqaure bracket parameter no for fanuc om

    anyone help for HMT HMC320 pallet changer program for Fanuc OM Series or otherwise please give your idea for macro square bracket enable parameter no.


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    Default Re: sqaure bracket parameter no for fanuc om

    The manual data input (MDI) panel usually has just one key for
    the left bracket and another one for the right bracket. While typing,
    whether the bracket will appear as a square bracket or a parenthesis,
    depends on your parameter setting. If the machine has Fanuc 0i or 0i
    Mate control, set the first bit (from right), which is conventionally
    referred to as bit #0 (the eight bits are designated as #0 through #7,
    starting from the right), of parameter number 3204 to 0 for a square
    bracket, and 1 for a parenthesis.

    The default setting for the remaining bits is 0, which is not shown,
    for the purpose of highlighting what requires to be edited (i.e., bit #0).
    Obviously, it would not be possible to use square brackets and insert
    comments at the same time with this parameter setting. If some comments
    are desired to be inserted in a macro program, first type/edit
    the program using square brackets, wherever required. Then change
    the parameter setting to get parentheses, for the purpose of inserting
    comments. After inserting comments, if again some corrections in the
    program involving square brackets are needed, another change in
    parameter 3204 would be required.

    There is, however, a way to use both types of brackets, with the same
    parameter setting. For this, set parameter 3204#2 to 1 (3204#0 should
    remain 0; status of the other six bits does not affect this feature).

    Such a parameter setting displays an extended character set, as
    soft keys, in the EDIT mode, displaying “(“, “)” and “@”. With this
    setting, if square brackets are needed, use the bracket keys on the
    MDI panel, and if parentheses are needed, do the following (in EDIT
    • Press PROG on MDI panel (press PROG again if the current
    program is not displayed).
    • Press the OPRT soft key.
    • Press the right extension key (▲) twice.
    • Press the C-EXT soft key.
    After this, soft keys for left parenthesis, right parenthesis, and @
    (which can be used in the comments inserted in a program) will
    appear which can be used as and when required for editing in EDIT
    mode. However, a change in display screen will make these soft keys
    disappear. If they are needed again, the process to display them will
    have to be repeated.

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