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Thread: Backup FAPT Tooling & Material Files

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    Default Backup FAPT Tooling & Material Files

    Does anyone know anything about the Fanuc 3T-F control (or similar)? I have a Mori Seiki SL3 Lathe that I need a little guidance with.

    The 3T-F control has two sides (NC & FAPT). From what I understand the FAPT side includes the system parameters, machine tool files (MTF), family programs, material files, and tooling files. This data is stored in sub memory (separate from the normal NC memory). This sub memory (C-MOS) retains its information even while the unit is off (unlike the normal NC memory that needs a backup battery). Other than equipment (memory) failure, the only way to lose/modify the information located in sub memory is if an operator manually does it.

    With that said, I did have an operator "press the wrong button" and delete the tooling file ("T") from the FAPT side. This is not the first time that an operator has done this (happened a few years back I guess). But the good thing is that I have a hand written log of the tooling data (at least the majority of it). But it's a PAIN to create the new tooling file ("T") and input all our tooling data manually.

    I am wondering if it is possible to backup the FAPT side of this control like I do the NC side? Can we backup the tooling file ("T") and the material file ("M") in case this happens again? Is this possible?

    From reading the "Mori Fanuc 3TF" manual (IM-000302), I understand that this control has an option to use external memory (memory cassette) instead of using sub memory. Can I use both? Using sub memory to store the data (like I do now) and a memory cassette to backup the data periodically. Is this possible and does it make sense? Would the backup file on cassette do us any good? Would I then be able to use it to restore the tooling and material files when needed? I am not familiar with these cassettes or FAPT. To me it sounds like we would be going back in time (trying to use cassettes).

    I could not find anything regarding backing up the FAPT side using RS232 and a laptop. Is this possible too? And again, would the backup file do me any good? Would we be able to use it to restore the data if needed? Or could I read the file on a PC and make any sense of it? I am using a laptop and software to backup the NC side with no issues. I just don't know if it is possible to back the FAPT side?

    Anyone have any suggestions or had to backup FAPT before?

    Should I get a cassette and an adapter? Should I try to backup FAPT using RS232 and a laptop? Or should the operators just keep all the tooling and material data in a hand written log like they do now?

    Thanks for the help !!!
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