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Thread: Mastercam x6 or featurecam (delcam)

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    Default Mastercam x6 or featurecam (delcam)

    Hi everyone.
    I'm trying to find a powerful cad/cam software for 4 and 5 axis machining.
    I have looked at both of the above and both look good but I would like some feedback from people who are using these before deciding which to spend £16000 on!!!! I'm going to be running the software mainly on haas machinery machining plastics mostly with occasional metalwork involved.
    I will be greatful for any opinions on the above or suggestions of other software I could investigate.

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    Default Re: Mastercam x6 or featurecam (delcam)

    I have worked with Mastercam since X3. And i am sick and tired of it.
    When you work with Matercam you are locket to it. you can't use the experience with other CAD/CAM programs.
    I now work with Solidworks and Cimatron and know a bit of delcam. And i can quickly get some data to steel in all 3 products.

    So my advice. don't go with Mastercam.

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