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    Default Vector Linker , thermic cutting

    Dear forum users,

    We are international company Vailacom, provide professional software for CNC machines. We like to introduce our new application Vector Linker. This app prepares vector graphics for styrofoam thermic cutting. Main application features:

    - opening and saving formats: hpgl (*.plt), *.svg, g-codes (*.tap), *.ai, *.dxf,
    - optimized automatic linking (joining) of elements,
    - manual linking (joining) of elements,
    - simulation of cutting paths with speed settings,
    - quick, simple and user-friendly interface (you can easily move or zoom-in/zoom-out elements using mouse scroll),
    - advanced settings (like entering starting end ending G-Codes for eg. set motors speed).

    Vector Linker is a basic tool needed in workshops with cutters and other CNC machines.

    Here you can see our YouTube Video:
    Demo download (with demo you can not save your files):
    Details and full version purchase:

    For forum users we have 20% discount, so if you decide to buy full version, please contact us office (at) with your e-mail used to register account, and we will add you additional discount. Remember to put into your e-mail content this forum address.

    We have hope you will enjoy this application. We will be also very grateful, if you have any comments/sugestions about Vector Linker or our store using.

    Best Regards,
    CNCtoolsWorld Team
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