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    I design and make interactive exhibits and have hobby interests in model trains and clocks. I have a Prototrak mill and a small Dyna 2400 that I have converted to run on Mach 3 using this kit:
    I am still trying to get this up and running, its been a long process.

    I just found this forum and it is a little(a lot) less intimidating than the CNCZONE, there are just too many forums there, it feels too splintered.

    Anyway thats about it, look forward to looking around here.


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    Welcome to the group Paul. Glad to have you here. I also am in at the zone as well along with a few other forums. It can be a bit over loading at times. I usually stick around here as my time has become more limited these days. I have also seen a lot of degrading of people for asking simple questions as of late.

    (The opinions in this post are my own and not those of and its management)

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