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    Default Please help

    I am new to cnc. I bought a 1981 Shizuoka Millmaster AN-s mill with Quickdraw tool changer and Yasnac 3000g controls with less than 100 hours. I removed the controls and retrofit MachMotion controls back in place. I have all up and running properly and calibrations done. I am down to wiring the tool changer and getting it up and running. I have the AC cable wired so as to have power to the changer and limit switches all working. I have done manual tool changes already and it seems fine. The M-cable is where I'm at now. I have a Direct Logic 205 plc. The cpu is a Dl-250-1, the input is a D2-16nd3-2 and the output is a D2-12tr.
    I have the original manual that came with the tool changer with wiring schematics however I can't differeniate between inputs and outputs on the schematics.
    If someone can plot out how to interface the M-cable to the plc I would be most appreciative.
    I also have all the original manuals that came with mill and controls if anyone needs them.

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    Default Re: Please help

    Hi, I have the same mill, less tool changer, and Yasnac 3000G controller. I have been manually putting in the g codes for all the parts I have made so far, fairly simple ones. I'm in the process of getting it to communicate with my PC running Mastercam X.

    I'm also thinking of upgrading my Yasnac. What do you think the advantages would be to go to a controller like you have?

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