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Thread: I will have a trial for programming job

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    Default I will have a trial for programming job


    thank you for entering in my post

    I will have a trial for a programming job
    this is the company where I will have my trial

    I haven't been making programs for quite long time however I did download iTNC530 programming station and I've been using this software for more than 1 month and I find it very useful to refresh my memory

    they will give me a drawing which can be anything however according to their industry sectors I think it will be more a steel rather than aluminium or any other light material

    I don' want to spend long time to make calculation for feed and speed

    I will probably have this kind of tools:

    Normal twist drills which can be coated or hss, diameter 5
    Normal tap which can be diameter 6
    an 80 face mill with tips
    a 20 profile mill with tips
    a 10 rough profile mill with 4 flutes
    a 10 finish profile mill with 4 flutes

    May you please give me your parameters of this tools about feed and speed for a steal FE360

    any suggestion according this matter will be very appreciative

    thank you in advance for your help

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    Default Re: I will have a trial for programming job

    Did they say that was the software they are using? If so it should have a built in tooling and material software for any particular material. Maybe not in the trial software.

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