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Thread: Hello everyone from former Soviet Union Electronics Engineer

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    Default Hello everyone from former Soviet Union Electronics Engineer

    My name is Alex. I am new to this forum and hope to get some valuable advises and to be useful to others as well. Electronics was my passion from that time when I was at school, a 5 grade student. Started with simple radio that gets two stations in former Soviet Union, and later all different kinds of electronics. The first paid job I get when I was in 6 grades and fixed our home refrigerator, my father paid me 5 Rubles. This switched my whole future into electronics field. After school I have worked at Military construction company and was fired as where not agree to be a member of communist party (because of my religious views). Later, I had worked 15+ years at Business Equipment Repair Firm fixing POS machines (including old strictly mechanical through strictly electronic modern with thermo printing).
    In 2003 my family moved to Tacoma WA, and now I am finished my associate degree at local college. One day, I was asked for help from our church member to fix Allen-Bradley Servo Controller, and some drive encoders. And I feel that it is the area where I can express and apply my knowledge and experience in electronics, as I have advanced (if not an expert) level on fixing electronics down to component level.
    Right now, I am in a stage of brainstorming ideas and researching the web about how to build n universal station for testing drive encoders where I can use oscilloscope to view the wave forms.
    Any help?

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    Default Re: Hello everyone from former Soviet Union Electronics Engineer

    Hello Alex:
    Thank you for your story, its nice to hear how someone got here.
    I am from what is now Russia, but was East Prussia(Germany) until we were forced to flee ahead of the russian army advancing into Germany at the end of World War 2.
    I learned machining in W. Germany as an apprentice for the german railroad and I have now been teaching CNC here in the US for many, many years.
    Get into CNC if you can, to me its the greatest job in the world with lots of good paying jobs available.
    Look to start learning here:

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