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Thread: CNC Sinumerik 810 GA3 PC Connection problem

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    Default CNC Sinumerik 810 GA3 PC Connection problem

    Dear PLC boss
    I am trying my best connect PC to CNC. but failed. My problem listed below:

    1. I have connected pc with CNC machine through RS232 cable. My connection was
    Female (9pin): male (25pin) =2: 2, 3:3, 5:7 pin, but I have not short pin 8 & 9 of 25 and 4 & 7 of 9pin. Is it necessary?
    2. I was able to change the CNC to DIO mode for receiving data from PC. But pc is not connecting. I am using Procomm 4.8 plus. And configured it according to manual. But procomm said “not connected”. So what should I do?
    3. And when I connect the communication cable no response in computer. Even not any single notification. And if I go My Computer> Manage> Device Mangaer> Modem connection. Then the modem connection is displaying yellow “?” mark. As far I know my com1 connection is like a modem connection. So, what should I do?
    4. I have backup CD. But I am not sure which one is necessary to upload after connection established.
    CD directiory:
    1. 810g\ 3-4.pmd, 4-23.MD, 6-18.PCA,6-18.PLC, MAIN.PRG, SUB.PRG
    1. PC-IN\....
    2. PROCOMM\......
    3. TC82MC\00340,00341
    4. VC-810\...

    pls help.

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    Default Re: CNC Sinumerik 810 GA3 PC Connection problem

    Delar kmarsus,
    You could short pin the 6 and 20 of the 25-pin d-sub. That's the dsr/dtr, but there is also a setting data bit for choosing to check this signal or not.
    I suggest you to install the PC-IN software, it's made by Siemens and you will find help how to set the setting data and there is also a cable layout.
    Be sure to use the right serial port, there are two. Check the rear side and plug your cable directly there, or just check where the flat band cable sits (X121 is serial interface number one).
    Check the setting data, normally most of the bits from 5002-5009 are set to 0. If there are a lot of bits set to 1 in this area, the memory is lost and you must reorganize it, completely. Otherwise try to send out the data you have in the control, set the following setting data for 1200baud, 2stopbits and no parity:
    5010 0000 0001
    5011 1100 0100
    5012 0000 0001
    5013 1100 0100
    5016 1010 1010
    5017 0000 0001

    If the memory is list, then you can first check why your batteries are recharged so fast. Put in new batteries and measure the current consumption from the batteries when he control is switched off. Normally, the current is just a few micro amperes. Then you can pull the cards one by one to see if you can determine the problem.

    If you need help how to reorganize and read in the backup, just let me know.

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