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Thread: Zero return issue Mori Seiki

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    Exclamation Zero return issue Mori Seiki

    Hello fellow CNC people!
    I have an 1996 Mori Seiki TV-3O with a 802m control and a 10 station turret tool changer.
    I can home X,Y,Z and X2, Y2.
    I cannot home Z2 (spindle comes on and runs away, spins at 2495 rpm.).
    M3, M4 and M5 all work. M19 (M192) do not work, the spindle runs away ontil reset. The machine had lost X and Y positions, those were reset and function properly now. The 1st Z home position seems to be fine. not sure about Z2. How would I check that? (Why it would be any different from when the machine worked fine, I dont know. Why it would change, dont know that either.) The spindle motor is a Mitsubishi TYP: SJ-PL7.5-04
    I have checked all the wire connections to the motors, spindle drives and sensors, all seem fine.
    I do not have all the original documents that came with the machine. I have the Parameter list only. I am wondering :
    Is there a Z quadrant interference area that may be causing this?
    Is there some e-stop bit that is on that should be off?
    Is a there a switch in the ladder that I can check?
    Could the Z axis have been set incorrectly? And would that give this condition?
    Can I turn off the requirment to orientate to go to Z2?
    (that would allow me to get the C axis out of INC status to run parts).

    Any help would be great. I'm newer to this control.

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    Default Re: Zero return issue Mori Seiki

    Typically most of the Mori Seiki machines had arrows on the Bed to reference Home position to. Otherwise you would need to find the manual to know exactly where it is off the face of the spindle. On this particular machine I think they have decel switches correct? If thats the case does Z axis decel only close to zero return or anywhere in the travel. Most likely a bad switch.

    As far as spindle running away on power up or only when you command M19 If on power up that usually would indicate a drive issue. If you commanded it to turn and it speed up or ran away that sometimes would indicate more of an encoder feedback type problem same as a M19 issued.

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