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Thread: power supply FANUC 11

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    wanchai101 Guest

    Default power supply FANUC 11

    I have problem on power supply A16B-1210-0560.First time my technician need to chchk voltage on this p.c.b. but he tried to check miss point he check at CTP1 during he measure he shot circuit at ctp1 point and A0 point so fuse F11 and F12 burn.He tried to change new one.He tried to power on again and then power transister 2SC3164 2 PCs ( Q14,Q15) short and some diode are short same.
    So,who is have any idea please let me know and advice to me how to solve this problem.

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    vinod.dips Guest


    check all diod zener diod transister with multimeter on pcb if any dout by removing it from pcb without soldring transistor 2sc 3164 give supply voltage to circuit for safety measure you can connect 60/ 100W lamp in series check drive voltage if ok then soilder transisters on pcb give voltage tocircuit lampin series if no shorting occure remove lamp give direct voltage

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