I have a Mori ZT2500Y lathe. Right now we do all of our programming by hand. I am looking to get the best software I can for controlling this twin spindle, twin turret beast. I have a great lathe guy that is about to retire on me and I need to get this machine under control and sped up if possible. He does a great job and I will miss him when he is gone.

I am looking for the best software to control this beast. I have no budget issues as I am updating all the software in my shop. The software will also need to to do a Mori NL2000. (single spindle single turret) and some Okuma mills. I am updating to a more current version of Solidworks if this makes any difference.

I have programmed mills all my life and never really go into the turning centers. I feel that getting new software i can reduce the cut times on the parts that are ran in this machine by using the machine to do more then 1 thing at a time.