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Thread: Spindle Drive problems Mori

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    Default Spindle Drive problems Mori

    I have an older but good Mori lathe SL-3 with a Dc Spinle driveCDMR-MR-T5 7.5 200V Yaskawa. This unit still runs ,but on a cold start or when real hot fails.I sent it out for repairs to MLD technology in Florida it came back with noticable work done ,but no new parts.I'm into it 2500.00 now .Can someone Flex a brain for me here I'm at the end of my rope .I can't sleep at night thinking about what is it .I just love this machine .I'm wanting to go into the motor and have a look around ,am I waisting time ?If someone can explain the process of componets I may be able to go and have them all changed at an electronic repair center. Which I have done before .A fifty dallar fix is nice at times .

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    check your spindel motor also for lose contact and brushes

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    What is the alarm? Also when does it alarm when it is cold?? right away at startup or when it reaches a certain RPM?. Also when you say real hot what do you mean?? are the cabinet cooling fans running or if there are drive fans are they running? Can not remember if there is forward and reverse contactors on this machine but if there are does it happen in both directions?? How does the spindle feel when turning by hand??

    Hope this helps to isolate the problem.

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    Default Re: Spindle Drive problems Mori

    Also meg the Armature to ground, the field to ground, and don't forget to meg the Armature to the Field if the motor has Interpole windings. You would not believe how many motors I have found with that failure while working field service. And the customers paid heavy to find it out, too.

    Finally, if you are having problems after warmup, you may check the cooling fans in the drive. Also check the spindle forced air blower, especially if the spindle seems to bog down. The spindle field gives the motor torque, and if it starts to ground or short when hot, you loose torque.

    Hope that helps.


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