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Thread: Fanuc reference book (white bible)???

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    Default Fanuc reference book (white bible)???

    I am new to the cnc world. I am a maintenance guy for a company who has several cnc machines. There are daewoo doosani, mazak, and moriseki. Most of all are Fanuc controls. We had a Tech come in this past week and assist with a issue we was having. He told me there was a reference book out there that helped him in the begining with the codes and alarms where you didnt have to pull the manuals out everytime. He couldn't remember the name of it but said they referred to it as the "White Bible". I have looked and not having any luck finding it. If any of yall know what it is called or know of any other reference books that are handy for a rookie, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank yall for your time and help.

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    Default Re: Fanuc reference book (white bible)???

    Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but this is a very good book.

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    Default Re: Fanuc reference book (white bible)???

    I think this is what you are looking for search them on Google and you will find them in PDF form you can save them to your computer

    GFZ-62757EN/01 this is for the 16/18/160/180 fanuc model

    B-61397E/02 this is for the 0/00/0-mate fanuc model

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    Default Re: Fanuc reference book (white bible)???

    The manuals you reference were the GE Fanuc ones. Fanuc america also offers them as well but they are not as good as the GE ones in my opinion but still worth the money.

    B63007EN 16i/18i
    B-61807E 16/18

    Otherwise for machine alarm reference for basic description this website - CNC alarms .com is good. Also all the CNC Programming manuals from Peter Smid are really good.
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