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Thread: Completely new to CNC, can I have help?

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    Default Completely new to CNC, can I have help?

    Hi! A friend of mine offered me a volunteer opportunity about a month back to help fix a CNC machine that he acquired with a new teaching position. The machine is a Denford Micromill, but it is undeniably a very old one (I attached the only image of it I could find online). Neither of us know how to operate it, but we are taking a few steps to get there.

    Online I found Denford's software that relays the G-Code to the machine. I'm not sure if it works because we haven't tried it yet. We are waiting on an order from amazon, a 25-pin to serial cable, which we hope will work with any normal computer with the software downloaded on it. In addition, I found a cool thing called KISSlicer that takes 3d models that I make in sketchup (for example) and creates the G-Code to cut them out. This program seemed pretty handy to me, but I wasn't sure about how accurately it worked, so I downloaded the free trial version of G-Code wizard. G-Code wizard emulated the design from KISSlicer perfectly, and it turned out to be accurate after all. It does crash a lot on my computer though (from rendering a bunch of green lines).

    So, am I on the right track here? Assuming the software for the Denford machine works, would I be able to use the same G-Code I used with G-Wizard to produce a result? Thanks!
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