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Thread: Yaskawa servopack replaced - tune/adjust?

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    Default Yaskawa servopack replaced - tune/adjust?

    My machine (Matsuura MC-510V) came to me with a frozen y axis ballscrew, which had also taken out the y axis servo pack. I repaired the screw and picked up a used servopack (cacr-sr15sb1af), and installed it.

    Machine came back to life and everything seems fine unless I jog the y-axis (only done this manually as I am still learning to program) at 100%. When I try to jog it at 100%, the axis jogs for a split second, and the the servos shut off, with a 310 servo off alarm. There are no errors listed on the packs. X and Z axis are fine. I made no adjustments to the new new (used) servo pack when I received and installed it. Should I?

    I'll admit, I have not gone through the Yaskawa online manuals to see if should be 'tuned' - I can/will, but they are often pretty cryptic and thick. If there's a 'field' procedure to adjust a few pots, that would be preferable, and would probably be good to have posted on the web for others..

    Also - is there a good US source for Mitsubishi IC's (power mosfets) for repair of these packs? I got some shipped from singapore when I tried to repair the dead pack, but shipping was really expensive.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Yaskawa servopack replaced - tune/adjust?

    Hello Brent,

    I have uploaded a Yaskawa servodrive manual for you, it's in

    This CNC professional forum has its own account, you can get the access details here:

    Note 1: You don't need to install the Dropbox application in your computer in order to download the file, just login using the user account and password provided in the above link.

    Note 2: According to this forum's rules, you should erase the uploaded file once you are done downloading it.

    I hope this helps you.

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