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Thread: EIA tool data vertical mill machine fusion control

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    Default EIA tool data vertical mill machine fusion control

    early version fusion control on vertical milling machine eia/iso tool data problems. Part is programmed from part center. trying to use tool data for wear offsets using 1/2 end mill .5 end mill goes back in forth on a 1.0 wide slot putting .5 in tool data. Put zero in tool data cuts 1.0 great. Problem is cannot put a negative number in data to account for wear. Put parameters back so using D in program with cutter comp. turned on using the D and tool offset page it does move properly on slots and width traveling in x direction. Using a different tool using cutter comp and D tool does not move or read offset. Tool path direction is + to - in y direction with a four radius part, shape is right just need to make bigger. What could be wrong and a easy version of how to achieve solution using tool offset or tool data new to eia program in mazak. Program was wrote using gibbs software.

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    Default Re: EIA tool data vertical mill machine fusion control

    Set Parameter F92 10100000 AND F94 11010100,with this par. setting no D value rquired for EIA proram.The actual diameter in tooldata page is read which is divided in half.Actual diameter coorection is read and added or subtracted to the value of actual diameter.Take note of your F92 and F94 Par. before you. change. Hope this will help.

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