Hi all, first sorry for my english. I'm french so...

In our company we have two Saacke with 810M GA3 cnc.
One of them due to a battery problem have lost all the parameter.
With a lot of time we have sold this part and reinject the machine parameter with a backup we have.
But we don't have the piece program so we take them from the other one cnc.
%13, %2 and %400.

We inject these program on the fail 810m. The first attempt to use %400 after power on machine work fine we can take start point and end point and launch the cycle but the second time after the first cycle if we take the start point and the end point in the same position it works.
If we take the start point and the end point like the first cycle we get an annoying error 3006 wrong block structure.

For the time we can bypass that with this procedure : power off machine and power on (don't think it's good for the machine..!). So we have understand that a parameter stay in memory and block our program.But which one... I'm not an expert on cnc !

If you have any idea... It will be helpfull!

thanks in advance.